Developing ourselves. Unleashing our potential.


Mahmood Dalvi – 17 December 2021

Mahmood Dalvi completed his memorisation of the Holy Qur’an at the DU Centre, on Friday the 17th December 2021. We hereby congratulate him and his family!

He started his memorisation in 2013 in our Part-Time programme and continued with it along with attending school. He matriculated and completed his second year at UWC this year, Alhamdu lillah. He is a respectful, well-mannered and quietly determined young man who shows us that perseverance pays off in the end.

We commend his teacher, Muallim Yusuf Wasserfall, for guiding him and pray for the acceptance of his efforts. We also pray that the Almighty protects and blesses Mahmood on his path ahead. Âmîn!

Fayaad Harneker – 13 March 2021

It is with great excitement and gratitude that the DU Centre announces the completion of Hifth by hafith Fayaad Harneker on Saturday, 13th March, Alhamdu lillah.

Fayaad is currently in Matric (headboy at Star College) and started his memorisation with us just over ten years ago as a part-time student. Starting from the very beginning, he was guided by muallim Yusuf Wasserfall who shared this beautiful journey with him to its very end.

We are very proud of him. We congratulate his mother, his brother and the rest of his fortunate family and we pray that the Almighty blesses his father’s soul and rewards him too for every letter of the Holy Qur’an that his son recites. Āmīn!

Sheikh Ismail Londt


Developing ourselves. Unleashing our potential.

our vision

To help each other develop in all spheres of life.
To offer a holistic structure of development
through programmes in Quranic Sciences,
Vocal Artistry, Alternative Recreation
and Skills Development.


Aiming higher and working
with passion is the secret
to personal growth.
This is the attitude we wish
to embed in the minds of all our
programme participants.


To respect time and
constantly learn, to always
improve and remain positive.
This is the work ethic by which
we conduct ourselves
as an organisation.


We have various departments to meet your individual needs.

our story

over 20 years of dedicated

The Du Centre is a space where love for the Creator and His word is emphasized. We remind each other that our love pushes us to work and that without love, our efforts are meaningless. When we love, we want to improve, and improving is the only way in which our lives become more meaningful.

Our journey started more than two decades ago and saw us going through many phases. Our experiences bond us and our collective desire to improve and to serve others motivates us.

We see the DU Centre as a platform to do great things and we do not shy away from challenges. We have tasted the sense of fulfilment that is gained from an achievement. And we are deeply satisfied when sharing and growing with others. This drives us to want to do more.

Our story is one of continued growth, based on love, and the willingness to share and have others join in our journey of discovery, learning and improvement.

educational workshops and events

full-time and part-time classes

graphic design and branding services


Every member of our team is focused, passionate and committed to assisting you
in reaching your personal goals.


Founder | Centre Director

A scholar of the Holy Qur’an with various levels of qualification. A Quranic reciter and a teacher of Quranic Sciences. Has authored many works and conducted many workshops in the field of Quranic study. Has represented South Africa as a reciter and as a judge in international programmes and competitions.

Muallim alwi alexander

HOD: Quranic Sciences

He fills the position of HOD with experience and qualification in the field of Quranic sciences. He studies the Arabic language and has traditional certification for the Qira’at and multiple Tajwid texts. He continues to study and share his expertise with the young and old at our centre and on other platforms. He has been a member of this institution
for close to two decades.

Moulana M. Farouk Londt

Quranic Sciences

Our most senior educator at the centre.
Oversees the Islamic Studies in our full-time memorization programme. Studied locally as well as qualified in Darul-Uloom Newcastle. His experience comes through in his passion and commitment.

Mustafa Sydow

Muallim Mustapha Sydow

Quranic Sciences

A senior teacher at the centre who has more than a decade’s experience. He has studied Arabic and Islamic sciences and has traditional certification. Also studied Tajwid texts and is furthering his journey with the studies of Qira’at.

Abubakr Jardien

Muallim Abu Bakr Jardien

Quranic Sciences

Teaches ḥifẓ to our full-time students with nearly a decade of experience. Is currently obtaining his traditional certification in Quranic study and is studying the various modes of recitation.
Branding admin and sales assistant.

Muallim Uzair Van de Lilly

Quranic Sciences

A young and energetic teacher who has been teaching Ḥifẓ for the last 5 years. He is a graduate of the DU Centre who was noted for his dedication and diligence. He has studied the Arabic language and Islamic studies and has received traditional certification.

Muallim Abdullah Petersen

Quranic Sciences

An experienced and mentor and oversees one of our part-time classes as well. He is qualified in Quranic Sciences and has traditional vertification from senior scholars in Cape Town such as Ml. Saleem Gaibie
and Sh. Igsaan Davids

Yusuf Wasserfall

Muallim Yusuf Wasserfal

Office Administrator

General office administration.
Donor relations and fundraising co-ordinator.
Alternative recreation facilitator.

Muallima mahmooda taliep

Female Vocal Artistry Trainer

A student and teacher in the field of Qur’anic studies.
Studied her Ḥifẓ under Shaykh Igsaan Taliep (R.A.)
Holds license for The Tuhfah, Jazariyyah.
Completed the 7 Maqaamaat of Qur’anic melodies.
Offers one-on-one classes in her field.

wahiba kannemeyer

Centre Administrator

Centre operations and systems.
Community liaison and
events co-ordinator.

fahmie londt

Design and Branding

Graphic designer specializing
in events media, brand identity
and customized products and gifts.

Nathema simon vally


Graphic designer focused on
brand strategy, social media
and content marketing.

great feedback

Here is some feedback from participants of our past events.

We wish to thank the DU centre for allowing us the opportunity to participate in this wonderful event.

And congratulations to all the institutions, the learners were all very impressive Mashallah.

Alhamdulillah, this type of programmes are good initiatives, and a nice way of keeping our learners occupied with Deeny activities. They thoroughly enjoyed it and They are excited to participate in future events alhamdulillah.

Madrasatu Ahlil

Mooi mooi mooi! Ma sha Allah👍🏼🙂💓

All 5 principals, side by side👏🤲🏼
Allah bless all of your work, increase the barakah in your time and accept your efforts🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼

Different areas, different backgrounds and different needs but all united for and because of the Quran!

Alhamdu lillah for the opportunity🙂



Allah take from strength to strength. Shukran for your positive contribution.

It’s a learning experience for all, even beyond the content… We all grow through every experience and alhamdu lillah for it all.

Salaam to your team and to all the teams! Hats off to them all once again and to you, the coaches and staff. Absolutely fantastic work!!!!! 🎊👏🎂💓

Ma sha Allah!!!!!! 🌷💐

Sh. Abdurazaq Uthmaan

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