TaiChi with M.J.Li

The DU Centre was excited to host our first event for 2020 on Friday 14 February. The event was an introduction to TaiChi with M.J. Li – 5 Times Gold Medalist, Legends of Kungfu World Martial Arts Champion.

M.J.Li, born Muhammad Junaid Chafeker is also the gobal Ambassador for The Hong International Wushu Kungfu Championships, Patron of The Hong Kong Island and #GAPT Global Ambassador for Peace Through Tourism, as well as a qualified Educator, Administrator and Motivational Speaker. 

This event forms part of the DU Centre’s skills development department as we see the value that a discipline such as martial arts has to offer our learners, as well as their parents. 

Some of the top health benefits of Martial Arts:

  1. It helps you lead a healthy lifestyle.
  2. It gives you supreme self-confidence.
  3. Experience weight loss as you get in the best shape of your life.
  4. It improves focus and stillness.
  5. It teaches great morals and values.
  6. It improves your athleticism.

Benefits 1, 2 and 4 are particularly beneficial to the hifz student because it supports the essential characteristics that every memoriser on the Nobel Qur’an should aspire towards. 

The attendees of this event were amazed by the ease in which it was being presented, and they all managed to do most of the movements that appeared complicated at first. M.J.Li has an incredible ability of breaking it all down into easy steps that even the most novice and unfit could manage. Watch this space for similar events in the future. In shā Allāh.

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